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Hoarding Cleanup

Professional Hoarding Cleanup. Unlike other types of cleanups often require the need to sort through everything in a more detailed manner.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Cleaning up after a crime scene requires a specialty company that is familiar with all of the safety and regulatory guidelines.

Biohazard Cleanup

A biohazard condition requires specialty companies that have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that all contaminants have been taken care of properly.

Suicide Cleanup

Reducing the distress and moving to a fast and safe cleanup requires a professional company that understands the need for empathy.

Blood Cleanup

Cleaning up after blood and removing bloodborne pathogens, requires a specialized cleaning company who has been trained in bloodborne pathogens safety.

Death Cleanup

There are many reasons you would need a professional company to cleanup after a death or unattended death cleanup, we understand.

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Do you need a professional cleaning service?

At Cedar Services we've been providing homes and businesses with quality cleaning and remediation service since 2007. We understand the urgency and stress the need of this particular service can cause. Give us a call and we will walk with you through the next steps, we have helped many families and businesses over the years.

Our multi-skilled professionals specialize in cleaning up after traumatic circumstances, call us today and see how we can help. We have helped many families and can walk you through the next steps in the process, we will take care as much as we can on our side because we know you have enough to deal with right now. We have professionals on staff who are ready to head out in a momments notice. We are trained in specialized cleaning, biohazard remediation, corona virus and deep cleaning.

In addition, we can work directly with your insurance company so you know everything is handled upfront and you will not have any surprises down the road, we are here to help and will keep you informed through-out the entire process.

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We service our local area in order to be able to reach anyplace in two hours, if you are in need of a service call us today and we can asses the scene and provide some recommendations.

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